Decumaria barbara

2022 – Woodvamp (Decumaria barbara)

Woodvamp, also known as climbing hydrangea, is a deciduous, semi-evergreen vine that has dark, glossy leaves. Its flowers are small, white, and fragrant, and only appear on new growth. It attracts bees and butterflies with its clusters of flowers. Woodvamp is a great candidate to cover the side of a building, grow over a trellis, or even climb up a mature tree. It doesn’t do any real harm to the tree, as it tends to cling to the main trunk, instead of competing with the tree by covering its canopy. It also makes a great ground cover and will keep full leaf coverage from the base of the plant to the top of the vine (note that it will only flower when climbing). Woodvamp does exceptionally well in part shade, and is fast growing, reaching up to 5 feet of new growth a year. It can reach a height of about 50 feet.