Jenkins’ Seed Packets: Yellow Sneezeweed

Yellow Sneezeweed
Helenium autumnale

Bright yellow flowers surround golden cones on this native perennial. This wildflower has long, sturdy stems that each hold numerous flowers, and it is among the best pollen sources for bees. All sneezeweeds have three lobed petals which distinguish them from other yellow coneflowers. The cones turn a rich orange in fall and provide seeds for migrating birds.

Natural Habitat: Fields and meadows
Light Requirements: Sun
Soil Requirements: Average
USDA Hardiness: Zones 4-9
Size: Height of 3’
Wildlife Value: Bees, butterflies, birds
Deer Resistance: Resistant

Germination Requirements:

Yellow Sneezeweed seeds do not require any special pre-conditioning. However, they do require light to germinate, so they should be surface sown. This means you do not cover the seed when you sow it. Just press the seeds firmly into the medium and then mist till damp all the way through. Even better, set your seed tray in water to soak it from the bottom up. This method of watering ensures that the seeds do not get covered by the medium.