Holly Springs Legacy Garden

The Holly Springs Legacy Garden at Jenkins features a collection of non-native evergreen azaleas that were developed by Colonel Pete Vines. Pete selected these plants for their dwarf to medium size, large blossoms, and good cold hardiness. Although he developed, grew, and sold these plants at his nursery in Virginia, he named them after the town of Holly Springs, Mississippi. The azaleas planted in this garden were preserved through a generous partnership with the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Azalea Society of America.

Learn more about this project, along with other azalea Legacy gardens, by visiting the Azalea Society of America online. Click here to learn more.

The Holly Springs Legacy Garden in bloom

The Holly Springs azaleas bloom in May each year, with a dazzling display of flowers. Scroll down to see some highlights from the garden in spring.

Creating the Holly Springs Legacy Garden

This garden was designed by Hamilton Fellowship alum, Jacob Summers, in 2021. Scroll down to watch virtual tours and behind the scene footage from the planning stages of this project. Click here to learn more about our Fellowship program.