April 12, 2017  – Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens has been working diligently for many years to protect and restore the floodplain of Trout Creek. In recognition of these efforts, the Arboretum was awarded an Award of Merit at the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Society’s Land Ethics Symposium this past spring. Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens’ Trout Creek Watershed Restoration Over the past few decades, parts of the once ecologically-healthy land that surrounds Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens have
March 1, 2015  – Over 20 years ago, Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens Executive Director, Harold Sweetman, germinated seed from special hand-pollinated hybrid crosses and open pollinated evergreen azaleas. When seed is collected from open pollinated flowers, the insects do all the work. With over 1,000 different named cultivars of evergreen azaleas in the gardens at Jenkins, there is a unique possibility for interesting new hybrids. As is the case with many flowers, the location and
April 2010 – The Garden Club of America (Zone V nomination by The Garden Workers) presented Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens Executive Director, Dr. Harold Sweetman, the non-member Garden Club of America Horticulture Commendation Award. This award was presented to Harold “for continuous and inspiring leadership in preserving valuable native plants, encouraging use of interesting new hybrids and mentoring thousands of gardeners with humor and enthusiasm.” Since its founding in 1913, the Garden Club of America