Woodland Garden

Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens was developed on a tract of forested land and is now maintained as a woodland garden, showcasing a variety of native ferns and wildflowers. In spring, a prized collection of ephemerals emerges to provide the year’s first splash of color. From bloodroot and liverwort to trilliums and trout lilies, these fleeting beauties are a welcome sign of warmer weather ahead. With summer comes colorful flowering shrubs including blueberries, viburnums, enkianthus and a world-class collection of azaleas and rhododendrons.

In addition, Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens fosters several Pennsylvania rare and endangered species including monkshood, shooting star, and box huckleberry. The colors of maple-leaf viburnum, and highbush blueberry, and the fruits of the strawberry bush provide interest in autumn and evergreens such as hollies and Christmas fern stand out in winter.

Duchman’s breeches
Double bloodroot
Creeping Phlox
Huger’s trillium

Wild bleeding heart

Northern maidenhair fern