Yoga at Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

Presented by the YogaLife Institute, Wayne, PA.
Janet Muti, YogaLife Instructor

Imagine looking into the tree canopy silhouette as the full moon rises while learning yoga poses in tandem with breathing and stress management techniques. A variety of healthy living topics will be discussed to further benefit mind-body health. All levels may join this program.

Cost $80 (each 8-week course) for members, $120 (each 8-week course) for non-members; Drop-ins: $15 a session. Pre-registration encouraged. Space is limited.

Attracting and Recognizing Birds in Your Backyard

Presented by Mary Ellen & Tom Heisey – Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens Volunteers and Local Birders; Joint program sponsored by Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens and Woodlea Garden Club

This talk will feature the birds you are most likely to see in your backyard here in southeast Pennsylvania. You will learn tips on recognizing the birds by both sight and sound, as well as methods you can use to attract more birds to your backyard and garden by providing food, water, shelter, and native plants.

Free of charge. All are welcome.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival: Mind of a Giant

Co-sponsored with the Radnor Memorial Library, Radnor Conservancy, and Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens. Jackson Hole WILD is dedicated to promoting public awareness and stewardship of wildlife and wildlife habitat, as well as an appreciation for the wonders of science through the innovative use of media. Jackson Hole WILD on Tour features award winning films from the most recent biennial Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Mind of a Giant: 45 minutes
Vulcan Productions, Off The Fence in partnership with Nat Geo WILD

​Minds of a Giant explores what it is like to be an elephant, as revealed by revolutionary new research. As scientists struggle to find out how many elephants are left in Africa, they discover intriguing new behavior. In order to survive their current crisis, the elephants are learning. We are discovering that elephants must be considered one of the most clever and complex creatures on the planet. They exhibit empathy, grief, joy, fear and revengefulness, but their complexity goes beyond emotion. They have self-awareness, can co-operate and pass on information, and adapt to solve problems in ways we never knew.

FREE of charge. All are welcome.