Administrative office hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Mail: 631 Berwyn Baptist Road, Devon, PA 19333


Phone: 610-647-8870

Fax: 610-647-6664

Arboretum Staff:

Executive Director
Dr. Harold Sweetman
Director of Development
Janet Bauman
Arboretum Administrator
Janice Legg
Director of Horticulture/ Curator of Plant Collections
Steve Wright
Mapping & Curatorial Assistant Nancy Cosmos
Dorrance H. Hamilton
Educational Fellows
Summer Sugg
John Cassels

Heather Fitzgerald
Helen Standen
Lisa Boehne Tobias
Sharon Torello
Connie Vegso

631 Berwyn Baptist Road
Devon, PA 19333
Phone: (610) 647-8870
Fax: (610) 647-6664
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